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Introduction to Web Design and Development

Developing a website for the internet is called web development. Activities like building, creating and maintaining of websites comes under web development. Web design is the visual design of a company’s website. It is a part of web development where the content for a company’s website are arranged and planned for it to be accessed and shared with the world online. Web design determines the looks like colors, fonts and graphics of a website. A good web design can bring great user interface.
We create websites that are professional and beautiful in design and great in quality with the use of advanced website design software. We build websites in a SEO friendly way for your company to help increase traffic and customers.


There are three types of web development. They are: Content Management System development, dynamic web development, custom web development.

Content Management System Development

The creating, storing, organizing, modifying and publishing contents in a website is facilitated by CMS Development. With the use of this system, companies can easily and quickly create and manage their own web contents. CMS delivers built-in SEO tools, SEO friendly URLs and many more. The platforms for CMS Development are Wix, WordPress, Squarespace, etc.

Custom Web Development

The creation of a unique website to gain certain competitive edge over your competitions is facilitated by Custom Web Development. A company might be looking for a website that stands apart with its competition that is where Custom Web Development comes in. Front end web development and back end web development are the types of Custom Web Development.

Dynamic Web Development

Dynamic web development contains various templates to choose from while building a website. It facilitates the change in contents. The basic platforms for creating a dynamic website are WordPress, HTML, PHP and CSS. When a user accesses a dynamic website, the site can be changed.

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