Event Management in Nepal

March 22, 2022

Event Management in Nepal

The extension of project management to the design and implementation of small and/or large-scale personal or organizational activities like festivals, seminars, ceremonies, marriages, formal gatherings, concerts, or conventions is known as event management. It includes investigating the brand, assessing the target demographic, designing the event design, and organizing the technological aspects prior to the event’s launch.

From the Olympics to corporate breakfast sessions, the events sector now covers events of all types. Many industries, actors, charity organisations, and interest groups organize activities to promote their brand, create corporate relationships, collect funds, or commemorate a special occasion. Budgeting, scheduling, venue preparation, obtaining appropriate permissions, organising transportation and parking, arranging for speakers or entertainers, arranging decor, event management, catering, working with third-party sponsors, and emergency plans are all examples of the method of preparing and coordinating the event. Since each event is unique in its essence, the method of organizing and executing it varies depending on the type of event.

In Nepal, event promotion is carried out in large numbers as the society is more digitized than before. These elements are carried out in order to achieve the event marketing goals. Companies of all sizes, small, medium, and big, use every relevant event marketing technique to generate conversions from committed audiences. Because of the huge growth in internet users in today’s periphery, web marketing has been the most successful move in Nepal. It is the most cost-effective and reliable method of promoting and selling the goods and services. Companies in Nepal are using a number of approaches to organize online activities. Contests, quizzes, share and win, deals, and other related ideas are becoming more popular in Nepal. Not only businesses, but also people and organisations are engaging in these types of campaigns, as we often see on social media. Nepal now also has easy access to online activity, when all means are easily accessible. There are more opportunities to establish top-class online marketing in Nepal in the immediate future.

At Firmus Corp., our team of dedicated experts have had tremendous success and experience while managing different events of various scales. For example, we had the opportunity of designing stalls of Mahindra Brand at the prestigious NADA Autoshow which is one of the best car shows in Nepal. The event that was conducted was a huge success and it remains our pride and joy to this day. Similarly, we also helped manage the Supersonic event at Club Fahrenheit in Thamel, which turned out to be a huge success as well as the people turned up to enjoy it in huge numbers as well.

We have also had the privilege of conducting the event for Mahindra Uday which included,

The entire designing of the event, all the planning and the proper execution as well. Also, last Friday, Firmus Corp also had the pleasure of hosting The Perak Sundowners Cocktail Part for Jawa Bikes, which is one of the most reputed bike brands in the world. With such a strong portfolio for event management, we at Firmus Corp. can proudly say that we stand among the best event management companies in Nepal.

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