Technical Consultant

What is Technical Consulting?

Technical consulting is a service provided by expert staff in a particular area of science or engineering, most often for projects in these fields. Consulting firms employ engineers, scientists, skilled technicians, and scientific project managers. 


So who is a Technical Consultant?

Technical Consultants work with organisations to improve their use of technology and achieve business goals. They are experts in technical fields such as Computer Science and are hired by organisations to provide advice, solve organisational problems and drive increased efficiency.


What do Technical Consultant do?

Technology Consultants work with clients to help them transform the way they use technology. Traditionally, these transformations have been geared towards improving business processes, reducing costs, maximising use of tech opportunities, and more. Today, they encompass so much more – from digital strategy to technology change projects. As technology rapidly evolves, this area of work is becoming increasingly important to ensure the future growth of organisations globally.

What does Firmus Corp provide?

We help businesses improve their efficiency by providing information technology support. Implementing hardware and software solutions, improving IT systems, and resolving technical issues. We can work for a company as consultants or as independent contractors. They may consult with management and other departments as well.