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Branding & Design

The process of giving a name or a symbol to goods and services is called branding. It helps the company’s products to differentiate itself from competitors. A product is not equivalent to brand as a brand is more than a product. A brand provides other benefits a product cannot. It involves designing a product in such a way it could be easily identified by the consumers. The logo, colors, attributes makes a brand stand apart with others.
The purpose of branding is to create a strong, positive perception of the company in the minds of the customers. For a good branding, we provide services related to designing, unique logo, competitor analysis and positioning.



The way a brand looks and how it feels is brand design. It includes the vision, mission, logo, colors, principles and attributes of a brand. Better the brand design better will be its identity. It also differentiates the brand from competition.


Logo is a core identity or physique that makes your brand recognizable to the audience. It represents a company and its products. It is a graphical element which is essential part in branding. It helps the customers to identify the products of the brand.

Competitor analysis

Competitor analysis helps to identify positioning base of competition. It is done to develop ability to differentiate in consumer’s mind. It is used to know competition and search for new opportunities for your brand.

Brand placement strategy (Positioning)

The unique place a brand occupies in the consumer’s mind is called positioning. Brand placement strategy arranges a product to occupy a distinctive place in the market. Brands can perform various campaigns for better positioning.

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